Continental Drift

Exhibition: April 3-29 2015

Centre 3 Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

Millions of years ago, all land on this planet was one mass known as Pangea.  As continents drifted apart, distinct landscapes and wildlife emerged, followed by the spread of humans across the globe and the evolution of unique cultures and built environments.

In sharing these photographs I want to convey a sense of place and inspire contemplation about the seven continents represented. This collection of photographs provides a glimpse of the diversity both across and within the continents.  From dynamic urban environments to forgotten places, pristine natural landscapes to monuments of history and culture, there remain echoes of Pangea; reminders of the common roots of the land and our shared heritage of humanity

After more than a decade of experience printing black and white photographs, I had the opportunity to visit Australia, making this my seventh continent explored with camera in hand. With every photograph, I try to capture the essence, or “somewhereness”, of each unique place and experience and it has been a pleasure to extend each adventure back at home in the darkroom. I work primarily with black and white photographs using both traditional hand printing and digital printing techniques.

You just have to live and life will give you pictures.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Image List:

1. Deconstructed, 2007,  Puerto Natales, Chile, South America

2. Point of Departure, 2012,  Ottawa, Canada, North America

3. Reichstag Rising, 2009 , Berlin, Germany, Europe

4.  Moment of Reflection, 2009, Aurangabad, India, Asia

5. Mountain Pose, 2014, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Africa 

6. Commute, 2012, Melbourne, Australia

7. Adrift, 2008,  Paulet Island, Antarctica