Pedal Driven

May 1-31 2017

Gallery Turner Park,  352 Rymal Rd E, Hamilton

Monday-Thursday  10-9, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5

Artist Statement

This collection of photographs is inspired by active transportation. Shadows and silhouettes capture bicycles in both urban and natural settings. I work primarily in black and white, using both traditional dark room and digital printing techniques. In my life's journeys, both at home and afar, I am drawn to capture the intersection of vibrancy and potential in the real world environments that I explore.  My lens is an optimistic one and I am drawn to dynamic informal settings for public life that are essential for the health of both our communities and ourselves.

As someone who cycles to work, as well as for recreation and travel I am mindful of how cycling enhances how I experience my environment and my community. This exhibition aligns my passion for art and cycling. As a past member of the Hamilton Cycling Committee I advocated for cycling infrastructure to support safe routes through our city to make Hamilton more bike-friendly.

I recently participated in the 7th annual Bike for Mike ride.  I am inspired by the organization’s goal to ensure every child in Hamilton has a bike.  Since 2011, the Bike for Mike program has provided over 2,250 bikes to children and families in Hamilton with plans to add 1,000 new riders every year creating a new generation of cyclists. For more information visit

To support this goal I will donate $100 from the sale of each framed photograph in the exhibition image list below to the Mikes Bikes Program.

Please visit the contact page to arrange to purchase.

Image List- All images are framed 18 x 21.5 inches,

Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany $195

Central Park, New York City, USA, $195

Rail Trail, Hamilton, Canada $195

Pedals/ Petals, Hamilton, Canada $195

High Level Conversation, Hamilton, Canada $195

Cubist Crossing, Ottawa, Canada, $195

Commute,Melbourne, Australia  $195